Damon Packard's "Foxfur" and "Reflections of Evil"

With live Skype Q/A with Mr. Packard!!!

September 27, 2013
8 PM

Damon Packard is one of the most original filmmakers to have come along in the last 20 years and tonight will be an opportunity for immersion with an epic double feature. Based in Los Angeles, Packard became known for Reflections of Evil, his 2002 opus about an obese watch salesman navigating a hellish Hollywood, and a plotline including the young Steven Spielberg and a supernatural intrigue at the Universal Studios theme park. Packard has also made a gorgeous fantasy epic filmed in Hawaii (Apple), a rollerskating-disco-sci fi film that is also an update of 1984 (SpaceDisco One), an expose of special effects malpractice (The Untitled Star Wars Mockumentary), and the trailer for the black-metal board game Cave Evil. In 2012 he released the feature-length Foxfur, a film described by Packard thusly:

"Foxfur is about a disturbed young girl and her travails who is gradually transformed into a female Robin Hood. It's about things like conflicting realities, belief systems and extraterrestrials but essentially I think it's mostly about 'The Dead Zone,' which is the "proposed" period we're in now. The strange time where everything has reached a brick wall and is recycling itself, turning in circles, desparately cannibalizing itself for even a modicum of inspiration..."