AUGUST 27 & 28 : 7:30pm


THE PASSERBY, or not __ even __ anything

A silent 12 track performance album
Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's Gallery Paintings

Directed by Nicolas Noreña

Timothy Scott
Marija Kovačević
Geo Kester
Madison Mayer
Yuki Kawahisa
Rebecca Bird

Performances August 27 & 28, 2021 at 7:30

THE PASSERBY, or not __ even __ anything is a silent twelve track performance album inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s Gallery Paintings. The piece is a combination of choreography, pedestrian movement and highly technical tableaus that interfere with the normal time signatures that audiences' attentions are accustomed to in the theater. Constructed through spacial-izations of Oskar Schlemmer's highly formal paintings, and experimental compositions in the electromagnetic energy of the performers, the album transforms every time it is performed through a series of rigorous chance operations. 

In a constant experiment with entropy, form, and energy we use non-sequitur and non sensical action to jolt the mind into awareness of a truth outside of the pale ordinary logic. . Not- Even- Anything is what taoist philosopher Chang Tzu called a “space” or state of being in which people live freely from narrow identities and dwell in all time and place.

THE MILLION UNDERSCORES is an experimental theater company based in Brooklyn under the artistic direction of Nicolas Noreña. Founded in Summer 2013  the company has developed alongside a qualitative study of numbers, and experiments in aesthetic drive, abstract composition, and collaborative writing.

We make highly visual and physical eccentric theater works that interrogate the action and the form of theater.

We value every element of performance as an independent voice. Through density, multi-directionality and juxtaposition we generate fields for the audience to notice, think and reify modes of perception, organization and understanding.


This project is made possible through the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council and City Artist Corps, to whom we offer our undying thanks!

Tomato Mouse is a House that turned into a Mouse. For more information please contact Rebecca Bird at or 917-621-5471.