33 Crooke Avenue #2B/ Brooklyn, NY 11226/ 917-621-5469/interestinggallery@gmail.com



September 18 – October 18, 2009

Opening reception Friday September 18, 6-9

followed by a bonfire.

“Interesting Gallery” presents Eternity Is Gross, by Jenni Knight .

Working with a run-on subconscious, Knight ignores description and cause-and-effect to create things which cannot be anchored in the world, yet belong to its alternately mystical and garish inheritance. She is interested in a hallucinatory onset imagined or real: a slipping image which preserves its mistakes.

Knight reifies her experience in the synthetic gestalt of the world-at-large through making objects and pictures. Her adaptation requires the collusion of collage, and she minds John Cage's suggestion to withstand syntax as an antiauthoritarian gesture. As Cage predicts “Nonsense and silence are produced, familiar to lovers.”

Knight has created an “ergodynamic, pyschotropic table”, a landscape for the Depression, a sculpture of Matisse's window constructed from a photograph, some irreverent “street” snapshots, paintings with sculptural props and interstitial extensions of photocopied images.

Coinciding with the gallery project will be a bevy of happenings: An opening event after-party with a bonfire and DIY shadow puppets on September 18th; a live translation of a diary found in the Egyptian desert, a night hike in the city on October 4th, a fantastic collaboration between a poet and a musician; and an overnight picnic inspired by Hakim Bey on September 27th.

Further dates will be announced.


“Interesting” Gallery is a temporary art space in Prospect Park South featuring the work of interesting new artists.

Gallery hours are Saturday 2-6PM, Sunday 2-5PM and by appointment.

Directions: Q train to Church Avenue. Exit at St. Pauls Place and Caton Avenue, walk up St. Pauls Place one block , turn right on Crooke Avenue, first door on the right, buzzer #2B. Inside, walk up the stairs to your right.