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Bald Eagles and BK Broylerz

June 19-July 19, 2009
Opening Reception Friday June 19 from 6 PM until 10 PM


“Interesting” Gallery proudly presents the first solo show of the artist team BIG APPLE GRAPHICZ, aka Victor Cayro and Becca Kacanda. Working at a delirious pace in Brooklyn, the pair have generated an incredible body of work through the mediums of drawing, sculpture, video, audio recordings, and panoramically hand-drawn T-shirts. Big Apple Graphicz absorbs imagery from popular culture and transforms it into a hilarious, oft-disgusting tapestry of satire and self-mythologizing. Virtuosic draftsmanship and color handling, as well as the encyclopedic references to cartoon and trash movie culture catapult their work out of the doldrums of standard psychedelic art and into a lofty zone of beauty and elegant grotesque.


Victor Cayro/BALD EAGLES, THE undisputed OUTLAW GOD of the Underground comics anthology, is a self taught artist. Formerly a resident of various couches of his hometown of Dubuque Iowa, he Writes, draws comics, makes objects d'art, and also has a 20 year history of Video creation with the notorious online presence Phuckface Digitalis.
He is a graduate of the alternative High school CENTRAL ALTERNATIVE HIGHSCHOOL, Where he became an honorary central dragon in just 9 weeks.
He presumes that the audience is just as stupid if not more retarded and backwards as he is even when he's in the midst of collegiate computational left brainers, which is evident in all his works which lack any semblance of subtleties, nuances, he shoots shoots straight for the heart, the word holds the mic complete with exhaustive amounts of berating visual puns, and painfully worded, excessive/sophomorically worded annotations.
Nevertheless, even his chickenscratch is impenetrable to attack (I don't know I bet) I bet.


Becca Kacanda/Bk Broylerz is a native New Yorker and Suburban Floridian transplant- whose family moved to Florida during the year of the greatest mass exodus of New Yorkers to Florida in history to date (not kidding at all- it even made it to my high school sociology text book a few years later). I moved back to New York for college. The underlying causes and meanings for this journey to Hell/Florida revealed itself in myriad of ways, of which I'm still unraveling. What I'm trying to say is that this may explain my pre-occupation with New York City has deep roots and isn't any superficial New York hipsterdom bullshit. They say that New York is the capital of the world, and then September 11th happened. Who is to blame? It would be easily to dedicate my/our lives work to finding out and revealing what exactly is going on in this Fraggle Rock Bottom World. This generation knows way too much and way too little, and we're living the grand scheme of a false economic depression, what a sweet place to be, what an interesting time to be an artist. There's so much to find out and now we easily can, if we have the guts.
I studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, which I dreamt would happen when I was 2 and a half years old. The whole time knowing I loved design but hated marketing and advertisement. I focused on book making and forging a unique and colorful visual aesthetic. I graduated a year ago. Since my partnership with Bald Eagles I have been making comics and illustrations and books, songs, apparel, household products, poetry, sculpture, and more. God so much more. SO MOVE OVER Gary Panter, and kiss your graves, Robert and Aline Crumb------Brace Yourselves for the Abrasive and Soothing world of Nightmares, Knowledges, Wit, Visual Invention and Eternal love of Bk Broylerz and Bald Eagles.


“Interesting” Gallery is a temporary art space in Prospect Park South, the project of Rebecca Bird and Matthew Thurber. It will feature the work of interesting new artists.

Gallery hours are Friday and Saturday 12-6PM, Sunday 2-5PM and by appointment.

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