33 Crooke Avenue #2B
Brooklyn, NY 11226


Haisi Hu
The Cathedral

September 17 - 19, 2010
Opening Reception Friday September 17, 6-10PM

Friday 6–10 PM
Saturday 12-6PM
Sunday 2-5PM
and by appointment

For Immediate Release

Interesting Gallery is proud to present Haisi Hu’s “The Cathedral,” a single elaborately crafted sculptural work. Created as a set piece for her stop motion animation epic “On the Debris of Affluence,” the cathedral is a monument in miniature. Every part of this functioning structure has been meticulously created by hand over the past two years. The structure can be taken apart to allow for filming different angles, and had been built to withstand a flood that features in the storyline of the film. Decorated with fresco images from many eras of civilization, during filming the walls will slowly accumulate newer imagery and graffiti, transforming throughout the process. The Cathedral is a celebration of culture and the arts, the constructed world that we inhabit.

Haisi Hu creates narrative videos using stop-motion animated puppets, toys and hand made mannequins. She is the recipient of a Brooklyn Council for the Arts grant for her work on The Cathedral. She attended the Cooper Union and has participated in numerous artist residencies. Hu was born in Guang Zhou, and lives and works in Brooklyn.

“Interesting Gallery is a temporary, not-for-profit art space in an apartment in Prospect Park South, which showcases the work of emerging Brooklyn artists. Interesting Gallery opened in May, 2009 with a group show of four multidisciplinary artists, including an installation of Hu’s meticulously crafted puppets and set pieces. The gallery makes artwork accessible to the community where it is located, creating a site for meeting and discussion rather than a commercial art venue.
Gallery hours are Friday 6–10 PM, Saturday 12-6PM, Sunday 2-5PM and by appointment.

Directions: Q train to Church Avenue. Exit at St. Pauls Place and Caton Avenue, walk up St. Pauls Place one block , turn left on Crooke Avenue, first door on the right, buzzer #2B. Take the stairs to the right.