Three Rainbows

March 18 - April 22, 2023

Press Release


Tomato Mouse invites you to “Three Rainbows” an exhibition of new photographs by Dan Torop. An opening reception with light refreshments will be held on Saturday, March 18 from 6 to 10 in the evening.

In the last few years, Dan Torop has made repeated visits to places where there is either too much or too little water. One such site is a waterfall behind a playground in upstate New York. In a place both deluged and water-starved, sustained seasonal observation allows for telling images. These flows of water—their absence and presence—present a revelatory landscape. An image of a torrent pitching itself over a cliff, a rendering of spray and rainbow—these are sites of dreams. They become similes: for aging, for the irrevocable, for entropy, irrationality, and wonder. Water, in its flow, makes known the underlying structures, but also obscures. These flows of images both veil and reveal. The land resists, denies, and transforms.

Tracing earlier journeys of exploration by Lewis and Clark or Mark Twain (over the modern landscape), Torop has spent extended periods in locations in the outskirts of America, shooting over days or multiple years. The investigation and habitation of these sites is the work. The resulting images and text are manifestations of experience. They are guideposts for both perception and reimagining our veering world.

Torop researches the mechanics of how light is recorded and translated by digital processes and contributes to open-source photography software. He takes account of the camera’s digital sensor which divides colored light into patterns of red, green and blue dots, and how that data is interpreted and then rendered in ink dots on fiber paper. This intimate grasp of technical processes allow a sensitivity to tone, hue and chroma and invests subjectivity in the nuances of light.

Proximity with powerful flows of water endangers the objective position, compelling awareness of a body bearing the transparent eyeball. Tracking the sporadic melts and violent flows documents possible cataclysm. Working around rushing water which can change rapidly entails inherent risk. The process of freezing violent motion is like holding back trauma while recording one frame of an immeasurable field of constant motion.

The language of American landscape photography is simultaneously advanced and cast into doubt. Where once the landscape was something tangible that could be captured precisely, now the real world is no longer so solid. Attention to both how changes manifests on the land and the means of observation opens up a kind of space, not forward but between. Though the age of exploration is long gone the ground beneath our feet remains terra incognita.

Dan Torop's work has been shown in solo and group shows at numerous institutions, including the American Museum of the Moving Image, the Lynden Sculpture Garden, Derek Eller Gallery, Green Gallery, Tops Gallery, FISH ISLAND GALLERY, GREEN GALLERY, the CLUI Wendover Exhibit Hall, the San Francisco Exploratorium, and the New York Video Festival. Triple Canopy, Paper Monument, Cabinet, and other periodicals have published Torop’s images and writing. He contributes code to darktable, an open source tool for processing photographs. Torop is co-editor of a small photo book imprint entitled ASMR4 and is an Assistant Professor at Cornell University.

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