October 22 & 23, 2021 : 8pm

Mrs William Horsely presents:
the debut of the 16mm Nautical Horror film


Somewhere in the Anthropocene, a salmon appears in Manode’s driveway– an invitation to join an underwater secret society. As Nargill, a humanoid fish, emerges from the waves, attempting to destroy the fresh-water hegemony of Snowbear, Manode finds himself in a love triangle whose other vertex is Jennifer Jr, an extravagant dancer. In the world of the Sea Masons, surgery is performed in the streets, surfer babes are plundered for their nutrients by the hideous underwater society, giant spiders threaten Tinder dates, and the implacable crocodile’s jaws may prove to be the final curtain call. Filmed on Lummi Island WA, a paradise soon to sink beneath rising sea waters, The Sea Masons is a silent phantasy in the tradition of Georges Méliès. 

The Sea Masons, 2021

by Matthew Thurber and Tom Phillips

40 minutes, presented with LIVE sound.

With 16mm film shorts from the Sweet 16 Cinema archive, special guests and POPCORN.


This project is made possible through the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council and City Artist Corps, to whom we offer our undying thanks!

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