October 29 & 30 : 7pm

Cameron "Amero" Stuart, the Baron von Romance, and the Stains of an Undeserving Cunt Tree présenter:


"More Roman Than Woke" is an electronic music pantomime performed by the rococo wig-wearing maestro Amero, an interdimensional satirical monster who mostly yaks on a distorted blues harmonica. In the year 20XX, Lady Phaedra and her serving woman must descend into the underworld of the 4th moon of Jupiter to appear before the Intergalactic Court of Wokeness and answer for their crimes: Lady Phaedra's insatiable lust for her stepchild, the genderfluid social media whiz kid Juana Donald Jr., and the subsequent murder of the Lady's husband, Laird and Golf Course Mogul John the Donald.

Composed, Written, and Performed by Cameron "Amero" Stuart

with additional keyboards by Ilse Lansdale

voiceover by Nick Walther, Lily Chambers, and Stephanie Beattie (and maybe others)

and costume and notebook illustration by Brett W. Thompson

Oct. 29 and 30 at 7pm

with special guest!!

HANNAH KALLENBACH: "Sitting with Discomfort; Breathing into Bullshit"



This project is made possible through the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council and City Artist Corps, to whom we offer our undying thanks!

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