Juliana Haliti
Ianthe Jackson
Alison Kudlow
Sarah La Puerta
Eleen Lin
James Mercer
Hiroshi Shafer
Rachael Wren
Yana Zorina

November 20 - January 9, 2020

Socially distanced opening Saturday November 21 , 1 - 9pm


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November 20, 2020 – January 9, 2021
Opening reception Saturday November 21, 1 – 9PM
Online viewing room at

Suppose we say that society is divided by an ever-widening gulf, that discourse has flattened, broken down or bottomed out, that we can no longer communicate without an agreed upon frame of reference.  The problem of how we determine what is true, is less academic than ever.  Art is the realm of the subjective, often, but more essentially a conduit for shared experience.  Can art lead us out of this conundrum? 
A substantial presentation of the work of nine artists, Drawings, Paintings, Ceramics and Sculpture that all suggest some method or means of analysis. 

Yana Zorina, a Neuroscientist, recreates microscopic images of the neural cortex, the optical nerve, and the hippocampus in tiny glass beads.  As her beads become analogs for pixels or cells, the images explicate the structures involved in seeing, knowing, and forming memories. 

Other artists adopt the methods of science, measure, contain, differentiate and collect samples.  Juliana Haliti’s Air Jars encapsulate the conflicting storylines of pandemic into evidence, a stance of objectivity toward the contributing factors that intensifies its weight.  Rachael Wren’s paintings construct a phenomenology of exceptional lighting conditions within the interstices of intersecting linear demarcations.  Reflected and refracted light is broken down into essential particles.  When a tool of analysis or consumption is used to craft a tool of analysis or consumption, then they sprout more tools like fractals, it looks something like Hiroshi Shafer’s carved wood sculptures. 

Being herself the natural force that sculpts material Alison Kudlow organically arrives at a result similar to that of evolution, a seed pod for an as of yet unknown progeny. 

Sarah La Puerta compresses epistemologies of musical notation, playing cards and plagues into pages of winding calligraphic script.  Eleen Lin’s Mythopoeia series explores the foundational myth of map v. territory, Moby Dick.  And James Mercer’s painting Fantasy James points the way to a hopeful new future

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