a performance by Nicolás Noreña

August 24 - 28,   2023  1PM - 9PM daily

Tomato Mouse proudly presents “Not I” a new original durational solo performance by Nicolás Noreña from August 24 to 28th, from 1PM to 9PM daily. The performance will be free and open to the public with outdoor seating on a first come first served basis, as well as a live stream.

For five days Nicolás will be in residence in a shallow room built in the storefront window of the gallery, viewable from the street outside. The duration of his presence will play with moments of performance and non-performance and subtle shifts between. Props or objects will be engaged and moved, the piece will be a cumulative process of engaging the space of the gallery, that ultimately transforms it over time.

Named after the short dramatic monologue by Samuel Becket, this piece draws on the ephemera of Nicolás’ fifteen years of creating theater with his troupe The Million Underscores. It touches on what is discarded in the process of making art, the backstage and the undocumentable. Not I looks into the quiet and personal process of “putting on a show”.