November 5 - December 4, 2021
Open Fridays & Saturdays 1-7PM & by appointment


link to Press Release as pdf

Tomato Mouse very proudly welcomes you to HARE NOR THEIRS, an exhibition by MV Carbon.

It centers on five very large canvases painted with oil paint situated within an environment of hybrid objects. The figures in this series exist in enchanted decline as nature hovers and spills.  Conception and perception wane and wax and will is double-sided.  Figures and objects thread in and out conventional representation and fuse through consumption and stealth;  boundless and unusual. Their endeavors are not self contained. Unity is in reach as entities recapitulate figure and framework; objects among objects. 
One canvas is animated with projections that move inside clearings in the painted surface.  An archaic dog headed woman holding an ice cream cone reaches between reeds in another.  Spells and trickery shape this world of dreams, stroking the shadows of intuition with beastly colors. Laced with nostalgia, transmogrified figures laugh, weep, drip and wink, leaving the viewer in a riddled state. Intuition collides with the material world, interpreting stories through swirls of thick paint. 

Carbon has long maintained her painting practice alongside her many hybrid and overlapping art activities; creation of mutant musical instruments and performance thereon, installations, animation, and film. This is the first solo exhibition to foreground Carbon’s painting as a focal point and mirror of her interdisciplinary practice.  The more private and interior work of painting throughout her decades of well-known performance suggests that it might encapsulate or map the universe of her creation as a whole.   

MV Carbon (living and working in New York), is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses painting, performance, sculpture, and sound.  Her performance repertoire spans internationally, having  performed at, among others: Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, Massachusetts; The Kitchen, New York City; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and PS1 MoMA PS1, New York. Carbon has been the recipient of The Roulette Spring 2015 Residency from the Jerome Foundation, and has been  selected for residencies at Clocktower Gallery (NY), Issue Project Room (NY), Pioneer Works, (NY),Elektronmusikstudion (SE), and more. She has solo releases on Ecstatic Peace and Discomboulate. Carbon is the cofounder of Metalux,  (LOAD, 5RC, Hanson), and was in the mysterious shrouded Chicago band, Bride of No No (Atavistic). She was a long time collaborator with Tony Conrad, Aki Onda, and Jenny Gräf Sheppard, and has serveral upcoming solo and collaborative releases to watch out for.

A special opening party on November 5 will run from 5-9PM, allowing ample time to see the exhibition and meet the artist while maintaining social distance.  Please be vaccinated and wear your mask, thank you. 


This project is made possible through the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council and City Artist Corps, to whom we offer our undying thanks!