Re_Covered Books:

With technology, a new way of life has emerged at an astonishing speed. While many remarkable improvements are taking place, I feel we are plowing full speed ahead without considering what is at risk of being lost. I use books to symbolize the change occurring in the world today.

To many people, books are sacred and evoke a warm, nostalgic feeling. They are a reminder of times past. The devoted and contemplative act of reading is losing its meaning in today's fast paced world, along with other human endeavors that require thought and care.  Are we evolved enough to handle our own creations? 

In most cases, my ideas are driven by the books' titles. They inspire me to comment on many social issues, using humor to engage the viewer. For me, the most challenging and rewarding part of the process is creating imagery that transforms the title into a new meaning- other than the one intended by the book’s author. Regarding technique, I prefer using vintage books because their linen covers mimic fine canvas and provide an ideal surface for paint. Creating art with repurposed materials attempts to realize the untapped potential in the world and offers up the idea of looking at things in a different way.