COMMODE MINSTRELS IN BULLFACE (with Bonnie Banks, guest)

Posters for Cave Evil

Tomato House is pleased to exhibit a selection of hand colored posters by Commode Minstrels in Bullface, with member Bonnie Banks from the soon out of print of "Cave Evil" boardgame, created in collaboration with Mat Brinkman, Nathan Hayden, and others.

The xeroxed drawings have been blown up to immense size and illuminated in a vigorous manner, like coloring book pages from Gugging Sanitorium's daycare, or hand tinted Georges Méliès documentary films of Hell. The drawings manifest the tentacled and crab-clawed creatures from the Cave Evil universe and  the unbearable agony of their existence.  Bonnie Banks offers a glimpse into a monstrous universe, that would cause past Dungeon Masters Clark Ashton Smith, Kuniyoshi, S. Clay Wilson, and Erol Otus to give three thumbs up on each hand.

Bonnie Banks uses drawings, videos, costumes, sets, sculptures and music to conjure worlds without temporal or spatial constraints. Ten percent of the works are frequently used as inspiration and blueprints for collaborative endeavors. Banks has organized performances for over 15 years, showcasing several ongoing collaborative projects and their releases including the concept-sound vs. futurist-kinetics oriented Rubber (0 Cement, the filmland-soundtrack dream of Commode Minstrels in Bullface, the ever-active Spider Compass Good Crime (all vulture) Band, and the onshore-drilling system Scummerai, along with Organ Spectacular presentations, Brutal Sound Effects, Groovy Fist & Chain-Go, The Electronic Puppenhorten show, and Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, a recurring series that provide a platform for the experimental-noise-sound-as-art community.  Bonban's artworks are on hundreds of releases, most notably Sun City Girls, Astromero, Friends Forever, Liver Cancer, Bran..Pos, Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet, & Aaron Dilloway. Banks has exhibited at The Lab (including a month-long residency), NOMA Gallery, Center for the Book in San Francisco, and at Enterruption Records in Seattle. Exhibition catalog titled is out Who's Who: The Butoxyetho Celled Juries of Errth based on Rubber (() Cement concepts.

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