New Projection Compositions

Opening Reception: Thursday October 28 5-9pm

October 28, 29 & 30, 2021

Gallery hours: Friday & Saturday 1-7pm



Free admission

Bio-Incandescence is multi-channel durational projection installation where video of a small set of natural elements layers in ever-changing combinations. Light from projectors and the content they project form a system of interdependent existence. Over a series of minutes, hours, seasons, and days, the passing of time collapses into the awareness of change itself.

Stephanie Beattie is an artist, designer, and poet who investigates social and systemic processes via the written word, installed performance and interactive media. She is the editor of The Seers' Catalogue and co-founder of Calx Vida design studio. She is currently based in NYC.

Made possible by a grant from NYC Artist Corps.


This project is made possible through the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council and City Artist Corps, to whom we offer our undying thanks!

Tomato Mouse is a House that turned into a Mouse. For more information please contact Rebecca Bird at or 646-801-7783.