February 21 - 23, 2020


Tomato Mouse is very proud to announce “Underground and Underwater,” works by Rebecca Bird and Nathan Koenig.

22 postcard sized paintings capture recent ephemeral moments of cultural and aquatic history. Underground scenes and ecosystems alike are vulnerable to currents, distortion, speculation unseen forces or overfishing. The fragility of impossible balance is like light passing through a medium.

Each artist has created 12 pieces exploring these themes. Bird painted singular performances she attended in the past two years; street theater, ragtime duals, underground clubs. Koenig painted carp, coral, light flashing on scales, balance and rhythm. The two interlocking series are on wood panels, created with oil, acrylic, ink and pencil.

The exhibition will be presented at Art Fair 14C on February 21-23, 2020. 14C is a non-profit art fair at Hyatt Regency Hotel at 2 Exchange Place, Jersey City, a 15 minute ride on the PATH from lower Manhattan.

Both the Underground and Underwater paintings involve convocations of animals and people. We invite you to join us no matter which of these you are.

Please contact us for prices or passes at tomatomousetomatomouse@gmail or via Instagram Tomato Mouse